At Baanee, we enable organizations by extract thing the knowledge from within.
In a world of information, those with the ability to promptly harness data and use it effectively are always a step ahead. Clean communication, detailed analysis, and building a collaborative knowledge culture are essential if an organization strives for long-term change.

We bring a fresh perspective to knowledge management. We utilize our expertise for an outcome that spurs innovation. Knowledge management is managing an organization's information effectively.
We go beyond the simple definition of the term — gathering, simplifying, transforming, and evaluating unstructured information into valuable intellectual capital.

WHAT do we do

We are a knowledge management consultancy with a strong inclination to empower, inspire, share, and collaborate.
We believe that organized information is the root of problem-solving, not only for companies but for the world.
With innovation at our core, we create a better tomorrow for our clients, stakeholders, and community at large.

  • We use our proprietary model to effectively implement a practice of knowledge management within the company and craft innovative solutions.
  • Developing knowledge management strategies to drive
    long-term change while supporting the
    decision-making process.
  • Designing and developing actionable knowledge management system frameworks, procedures, processes, and policies, aptly supported by reviews, updates, and expansions.
  • Identifying, creating, sharing, storing, and deploying knowledge assets.
  • Leveraging technology to effectively execute knowledge management organization and access.
  • Simplifying regulatory compliance laws.
  • Rewriting policy and procedures programs or documents for federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Assigning and training the right personnel on facets of compliance.
  • Recommending best practices while also reducing fraud, waste, and abuse.
  • Providing audit support.
  • Standardizing all practices throughout the organization.
  • Designing, developing, and managing client portals to facilitate knowledge management.
  • Constructing collaborative websites, intranets, and extranet platforms.
  • Analyzing user behavior to determine how the information is relayed through the portal.
  • Performing cloud migrations of existing collaboration portal systems.
  • Ensuring secure internal collaborations through SharePoint intranet portals. Security solutions include two-factor authorization, single sign-on, and self-service password reset.
  • Enabling managers to monitor KPIs and the status of projects through tailormade dashboards.
  • Creating documents of complex processes in easy-to-understand language.
  • Showcasing policies, processes, and procedures of an organization through clear visual graphics and content.
  • Standardizing documents for the entire company.
  • Leveraging dynamic documentation for easy and effective real-time knowledge output.
  • Developing, designing, and creating instructional design material for project training.
  • Tailoring the instructional design as per the person's literacy and competency. Assessing instructional effectiveness.
  • Providing frameworks to facilitate the acquisition of new knowledge based on a needs analysis
  • Digital and physical materials created personify innovation and effectiveness. This includes eLearning and web-based learning solutions.

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